A SR&ED project requires an attempt to solve an uncertainty in your technology. They let you choose the questions, and design the experiments.

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The SR&ED program wants you to follow a systematic process for your work to be eligible. Seems reasonable! Let us help plan your work.

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SR&ED eligible projects require “technical or scientific content” . Read PROOF. We”ll help you with that.
It’s really worth it!

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First Canadian will gladly provide an opinion on your project for SR&ED

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More about us

Who we are

We are experienced and conscientious tax credit advocates. We study the laws, attend the seminars, absorb the frequent regulatory changes, and generally spend the greater part of our time sharpening our knowledge and methods to get you your deserved tax credits.

What we do

We promote and teach valuable concepts for qualifying your R&D work for tax credits. We assist in organizing and presenting your claims for review. We catalogue your efforts on an ongoing basis, not just at the year end. We write expert interpretations of your technological efforts using the terminology of your industry.

Why we do it

It’s a living! But its also exciting to help science, industry, and business mesh with the government for such positive outcomes. Canada is first in many things, but we’ve fallen behind in innovation. But every person we meet in our line of business…they all want to change this. We are witnessing change.

Where we do it

We work hand-in-hand with you and your people. We are knowledgeable in general technology, and have direct experience in computer science, internet and communications engineering, manufacturing, robotics, aeronautics, the food industry, and many more. You won’t be bothered with struggling to convey your ideas, we can keep up. Our interview process is casual and minimally intrusive. We are always just one phone call away to answer questions or provide advice.

First Canadian is

A teacher 20yrs
A partner 11yrs
An advocate 11yrs
Knowledgeable 100%
Experienced 100%
Confident YES


  • There's times when your people seem to know our project better than we do. Your project descriptions were bang-on.
  • I have to say that this write up has gotten me totally excited - you have been able to articulate all my work better than I could have. Not only is it accurate, you've validated all my thinking, which is more than just a little helpful.