How to identify eligible work

One of the consulting services we are attempting to provide is discriminating between routine work and work that potentially represents SR&ED, and since the rules about what is eligible and what is not are
very complex, It is understandable you feel somewhat lost as to what to propose as a project when we ask. The thing is, most everyone has the same problem, we can help.

Here are some simple tips:

1. jobs that had significant cost overruns, this could represent a technological uncertainty
2. jobs that are significantly delayed due to problems with production or post production processes such as coating or heat treating
3. jobs where you had to request deviations from the plan in order to manufacture
4. jobs that required “odd” tools to be made
5. projects that attempt to reduce the material consumed, the time to manufacture, or the cost of post processing for example.
6. any and all attempts to use a machine for a purpose it was not intended. For instance: an automated lathe converted to operate as a form of screw machine, or adapted to work with an automatic transfer.
7. work that was attempted by other shops, or proposed to other shops, but for some reason they could not do, or turned the job down.

This often results in a claim.

Ultimately you may want to disregard jobs with small costs, say less than $5000.00, as a small percentage of that figure may not be worth anyone’s time

Remember, we are not looking for things that are straightforward “research projects” in the white coat scientific sense.
The government generously allows for what they call “shop floor development”
This is the kind of little discoveries, workarounds, jigs, material knowledge, tool knowledge, etc. that occur everyday and amounts over time to “experience”.
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but the father is experience and intuition.

Ultimately, if you pull out 50 jobs to be considered and we whittle it down to 5 that qualify, we will not be disappointed. If you only have 1 or 2 projects you feel comfortable claiming, that is fine too. No pressure at all. We just want to serve your needs, make honest and confident claims, and hopefully make a living in the process.

So, think about this list, make a quick list of your own. Pull the job dockets, and we can have a quick discussion about each without even puling
parts off the shelf in many cases.
We will aim to complete the interviews in as little time as possible, and let you get back to your deadlines.