photoOur process is simple. We empower you to make decisions about your investments in R&D, by working with you to qualify the work as SR&ED. In determining the scope and eligibility of a potential “project”, we help you to plan your projects in advance of the effort. We help you plan to technically qualify your work, and to meet the documentary requirements of the program. Then, following that plan; record your progress, and document your already qualified efforts. In this manner, when you encounter a challenge with a valid technological component, you can predict how much the government will kick in to assist in clearing that hurdle.

The plan starts with education. A proper “project” is predicated on employing the scientific method. This is a very specific process, and is easily recognized. We teach you and your employees how to employ the scientific method to produce sound conclusions and solid answers to your identified problems. We teach you how to form a proper technological question, one that can be tested. We teach you to recognize the eligible efforts and design a plan to track them.

We will then assist you in staying focused throughout each year. By the time tax season rolls around, your claim will be ready before your accountants ask for it. Thats a lot less pressure than trying to put together a small claim, on weak evidence, with no plan, at the last minute. We’ve encountered people in that position too many times, and we wouldn’t wish it on our enemies (if we had any!).

It may seem we are working ourselves out of a job. But our experience tells us there will always be new interpretations, and difficult to define projects. We’ll manage to find our role.